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Athlete Sponsorship

One of the most common questions for any athlete is 'how do I get sponsorship?'

Have a look at the three documents below, real examples of athlete sponsorship bios that have worked. Use these as a guide to create your own to help attract sponsors by demonstrating the benefits you can bring to their organisation. 

Remember, as an athlete, you are the product. Think of yourself as a can of coke or a brand new Range Rover, sell yourself. 

If at the first thought of doing this it makes you feel uncomfortable, then join the club. At the start everyone feels like may feel like selling your soul to the devil.


But think of it like this, everyone needs a job to earn money in life. Your job is being an athlete, unfortunately this doesn't pay very well. So choose brands and companies that align with your own values and standards. Maybe these are companies of products you already use. Maybe its companies of friends and families. But this way it will be easier for you to represent these brands on social media or otherwise. 

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