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“CSTC will ensure a duty of care to all members of the club by adopting and implementing the “Snow Safe” Policy, Snowsport England’s Policy for Safeguarding Children, and any future versions of the Policy”.

A Club’s Duty of Care
Safeguarding is Everyone’s responsibility - All individuals and clubs have a duty of care to ensure the safety and welfare of all children involved in their activities and to safeguard and protect them from reasonably foreseeable forms of harm.  Working Together to Safeguarding Children, HM Government 2013

What is Safeguarding?
Safeguarding is the proactive work our club does to provide safe and effective care for all children in our care.  It includes the policies and procedures, good practice, training and awareness that if fully followed and implemented, will minimise the likelihood of foreseeable harm arising.  
What is Child Protection? 
Child protection is part of the safeguarding process, protecting individual children identified as suffering, or likely to suffer significant harm.  This includes the child protection procedures which detail how to respond to concerns about a child.

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