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Terms & Conditions


1. Timed runs are used to rank competitors with one competitor on the course at a time.

2. All competitors take three (3) timed runs. The best (fastest) timed run out of three (3) timed runs will be used to determine the final results. Under special circumstances the jury may allow format with one (1) or two (2) timed runs with the best (fastest) being used to determine the result.

3. Re-runs. A competitor who is hindered, stopped, or interfered whilst competing by the error of an official, spectator or by any other justifiable causes outside their control can apply to any member of the Jury for a re-run immediately after the occurrence. 

The competitor must leave the course immediately or as soon as possible after interference and may not continue down in the course (only on the side of the course).

In special circumstances such as a technical failure of the timing equipment the jury will automatically order a re-run.

4. Ties. If two (2) or more competitors have the same best (fastest) time then the combined time of their two (2) best (fastest) runs will be used to break the tie. If a tie still remains then the combined time of their three (3) best (fastest) runs will be used to break the tie.

5. Timed runs can be completed at any time within the set race period. After the course closes at the pre-designated time, no more runs, period.

6. Safety is of paramount concern and regular course maintenance will be undertaken to keep the banked slalom track in reasonable condition.


0730-1030hrs     Registration Opens

0800-1130hrs     Training (Inspection must be completed from the main piste side only)

1130-1230hrs     Course Maintenance

1230-1500hrs     Timed Runs (three runs must be taken within this time. No runs or re-runs                                    regardless of the reason will be allowed after 1600hrs.

1600hrs                Prize Giving (Upstairs in Snow Bar).


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