Simon Nicholson


OCCUPATION: Athlete, student & coach



"Fundamentally, because I love everything about it!!!"

QUALIFICATIONS: BASI Level 3 Snowboard Technical Rider and Teacher

EXPERIENCE: "Chairman of CSTC & Lead Coach, Current British Parasnowsport - Snowboard Team Coach, 4 years on the British SBX team, 10 Years Army Snowboard Team, Snowboard 25 years, 15 Years of Racing."

OTHER INTERESTS: "Travel, Surfing, Reading, Fitness Training"

SPORTS SPECIFIC INFORMATION: "I am passionate about snowboarding, SBX has been my sole reason to travel and explore new mountains. Meeting like minded people along the way this sport has its very own unique culture which bridges the tribal divide between freestylers, freeriders and racers. I love the sport and how it challenges you to pursue perfection in your snowboarding whether it be piste performance, freestyle, or freeride."

Tarn Fynn

Ski Cross coach - CROSS SNOWSPORTS

OCCUPATION: Athlete & Sports coach 



"I love the thrill of trying to get as close to the limit of being in control and the feeling of a (rare) perfect turn."

QUALIFICATIONS: UKCP level 1 Alpine Ski Coach

EXPERIENCE: "Over 10 years of alpine racing experience. I started on dryslope with Norfolk Ski Club before moving to Switzerland when I was 11. I went on to race for the British Childrens team, a Swiss regional team and the England Squad until I was 19. I have been coaching with Manchester Ski Racing since 2015 and have coached abroad with JR Skiracing this winter."

OTHER INTERESTS: "I enjoy most sports but am especially passionate about cycling. I race on the velodrome and in road races and am trying to reach the highest level I can. I am also a qualified level 2 cycling coach and a Bikeability instructor."

Charley O'Gara

Snowboard Cross coach - CROSS SNOWSPORTS

OCCUPATION: Snowboard Coach



"I feel snowboardcross is a natural progression for riders who thrive off the technical aspects of boarding and want to push their riding into a challenging and adrenaline fuelled sport. The technical skills required to tackle all mountain riding flow into boardercross perfectly which I believe will make it a sport that continues to grow and develop in the U.K and I'm excited to be involved. "

QUALIFICATIONS: BASI snowboard instructor.

EXPERIENCE: I started boarding 16 years ago at Stoke dry ski slope and was instantly hooked. 5 years ago I began working at chill factore and took my instructor exams. I am experienced in working with a mix of riding abilities from teaching complete beginners to coaching advanced riders.

I have a good eye for technical detail and love sharing my passion for the sport with others.


OTHER INTERESTS: " travel, skateboarding, walking with my dog, most sports that get you outside and would love to do more surfing."

Danny Chambers

Snowboard Cross coach - CROSS SNOWSPORTS

OCCUPATION: Snowboard Coach



"Ever since the age of 12, i've loved, sliding about on snow. The buzz I get from going fast on my board is unbeatable. Snowboarding means I can get creative and have fun, that's what it's all about! There's np better feeling than to see new, riders, get that same buzz on their boards, that i've felt. That's the main reason that led me to instructing and coaching. Hitting features like kickers, berms and rollers, gets the adrenaline pumping. Mix that with the fact that I'm always up for a bit of competition and the combination, equals, snowboard cross! "

QUALIFICATIONS: CASI level 3, park level 1, BASI Alpine level 1, Adventure Sports Coaching BA hons degree.

EXPERIENCE: 16 years snowboarding, 10 years coaching and 2 years British SBX team.

OTHER INTERESTS: "I like to get out biking, mountaineering, climbing, skiing and going to the gym. Also to satisfy my creative temperament, when not snowboarding, I love to draw."