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Cross Snowsports UK

Based in Manchester, Cross Snowsports UK provides technical coaching towards Ski and Snowboard Cross at Chill Factore.

We are a not-for-profit, Snowsport England affiliated club (Club ID 1269).  

What is Ski and Snowboard Cross?

Both Olympic and Paralympic sports, Ski and Snowboard Cross see athletes race against each other, usually in groups of 4 - 6, to be the first across the finish line.  

Snowboard Cross (also known as Bordercross) requires competitors to ride and catch air in close proximity at high speeds on challenging terrain. This creates a lot of potential for high-speed collisions and wipeouts.  Courses are typically quite narrow and include cambered turns, various types of jumps, berms, rollers, drops, steep and flat sections designed to challenge the riders' ability to stay in control while maintaining maximum speed.  

Ski Cross is often considered part of freestyle skiing because it incorporates terrain features traditionally found in freestyle.  Ski Cross courses have both naturally occurring terrain and artificial features including big-air jumps and high-banked turns.  What sets ski cross apart from other alpine skiing disciplines is that there's more than one skier racing down the course. Any intentional contact with other competitors leads to disqualification!

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